RMX 250 wont start! HELP!

ok so i have a 1993 rmx250 project bike that i bought.


ive gone through the entire engine, replaced the crank seals and bearing, all new gaskets, new carb (mikuni vm36), bunch of new oil seals and when i go to put the engine back together and try to start it it dosent...


no top end or anything.. checked the compression and it said 75psi ...i know most of you will say it needs a new top end..i know, but wouldnt that be enough to make it start??


its a real pissoff!!  


ive come up with a few things as to why it wont start..and these are just assumptions so im not quiet sure but i would like some feedback if you have a guess as to what i should check on that engine that might make it start.


1. the kick starter dosent seem to kick it down as fast as it seems like it should. put it back together and the kick starter just dosent feel like its giving the engine enough power to start..maybe its just me idk


2. dosent have enough compression as stated above it has 75psi  should that be enough to at least make it start??


3. the timing is off   i dont know for sure but i just want to double check  i aligned the timing mark up and everything, but do you have to time 2 strokes??


4. maybe something with the carb is screwed up...but i highly doubt it...maybe a tuning




any help would be very much appreciated!!  :) 

Check the electrical system... see if you are a) using the correct spark plug... and B) if you get any spark by putting the ground electrode (bottom part with the gap) on metal such as exhaust or the jug. Also make sure you have the kill switch installed as if it isnt installed at all or right it will not allow a spark.

lol the smiley is supposed to be b.)

I don't think that is nearly enough psi to start....maybe if you tow it down the road at high speed so the piston spins so fast there isn't enough time bleed off.

thats not enough compression to start

No way that's enough to start. My 98 RM 125 will start to sputter if I let it go below 120.

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