Rear kicking out off jumps

What's the most likely cause of the rear kicking out in the air after leaving the jump face? Rebound to fast? Jumps aren't rutted up and seems to do in more when seated while going off the jump but also standing sometimes. And it's not just one jump on the track..

Sounds like the rebound is too quick. Begin by turning your rebound (bottom of the shock) in (clockwise) 2 clicks.

This happens when you have to much preload on the rear spring. 5-12mm it should be within. It can also happen if the rear spring is to stiff so dont go under 5mm. 5-12mm should be when you have your 30-35mm and 102-105mm.


For me, even that i have the correct spring, if i drop the SAG to 25-28/100 i start to get this tendency right away. It can be handled but i dont like it.


To soft compression can cause this issue but mainly when you go to soft on HSC.


If the numbers above are correct, you can set the clickers however you want, should not kick.


For me this can also appear when running to narrow rear tires. Like a 100, or 110 MS3 that is very narrow in its construction.

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