94 cr250 shifting help !

Ok so I just picked the bike up a few weeks ago and I rode it a few times but I noticed some times it would not shift 1st to 2nd and I would have to play with it a little but it has been getting worse some times down shifting from 3rd to 2nd it will go into like a neutral but then I can shift it back to 3rd then to 2nd and it goes right in then today when I was riding it I was in 5th and down shifted to 4th am then tryed to down shift to 3rd but it was like it was stuck but would shift to 5th and 4th fine so I shut it off and rocked it back and forth and got it to shift then I rode it home and it was shifting fine but the it got stuck in 4th and 5th again and I had to shut it off to get it out and then It shifted fine again till I put it away . I would like to know if this is a bad or worn shift fork /drum/gears . I have taken apart a 200x trike bottom end to change a crank would I be able to look into this my self and help would be great

Sounds like the shift  forks are worn...you should buy a manual before you attempt any major trans work.The cases have to be split for this. You need some special tools. It is not complicated just takes patients and willing to get your hands dirty.

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Thanks what special tools should I need ? I would like to fix the problem asap

A flywheel removal tool....and the tusk crank remover and installer will be very handy. Tusk has a few other tools. that are good but not necessary. Also have a rubber mallet handy. Take your time and research..look at videos and read as much as you can before attempting it.

Lay the bike on its left side and pop the clutch cover off before you get to into the bike. Check the clutch basket for notching. I've had similar issues, though maybe not as bad, before with a bike that had a mildly notched clutch basket. The problem was interment. If the basket does happen to be notched you can file it smooth again with a file, but be aware that it will notch again and this time it will happen a lot faster. If that checks out ok then your going to have to dig into the transmission. Also measure the clutch plates thickness to see if they are still in spec.

clutch should not effect a trans from jumping in or out of gears...it is ether bad dogs on shift forks or the shiftters detent not mating to the drums star. 

Maybe I missed where he said it was jumping in and out of gear? Not trying to argue, but the way I took it he was just having trouble getting into gear. Didnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to it such as only 2nd and 3rd or vise versa. It's very possible its transmission related, but I would think if it were a bad fork then it would only be one or two gears and happen all the time not just randomly. A notched basket will create the problems he is describing if he's not at the right rpm to slip the gears in. Not to mention checking something first that is completely free makes more sense to me than just pulling the motor and splitting the cases.

Maybe I did read it wrong but I have never had a notched basket so bad it would hamper shifting while the bike was rolling. To me it is a sync issue .The trans can shift without the clutch being disengaged if it is syncing properly....and in my first post I suggested to him to get a manual before he attempted any work.

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i rode it today just to see and it did not do it at all once the snow hits the ground ill pull the motor and tear her apart 

Sounds like a plan and heck maybe you just need to change the oil in it... :p

Myself..i really like the ATF..type f

i just found a hole parts bike for 300 bucks that is a 89 it is nicer than my bike would my top end fit on it 

I think you would need the entire engine.

$300 is good for a complete bike. I just got a 88 that needed a top end and some TLC.

here is the bike 1383709_10151937185163498_1694425161_n.j

he is sending me more tomorrow 

here ill post a pic of mine 1385911_577565022280256_556937261_n.jpg1383769_577564982280260_1255923654_n.jpg

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