The Suzuki RM370 rebuild

Thought I'd share my little project. Its a 1976 Suzuki Rm370A . The bike was pretty beat up when I bought it had no compresion,the pipe had more patches than i care to count ( more than 13) , the first gear has a chipped tooth and there was a big hole in clutch cover. There are many more problems but the slide show covers most of them (follow the link). This has turned into one of those "why did I buy this?" kind of projects haha.  Good thing is I dont give up easy .















I have  PDF versions of the Rm370A owners manual and service manual that I will email to anyone who needs them. Just PM me if you want either or both .

that thing brings back memories. keep up the good work and take lots of pics for us.

im doing up a 76 rm250 right now, keep it coming

Updates will come in waves. sometimes it might be awhile before i post updates. All depends on the time & money problems that plague all projects. Thanks for the interest guys.

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I kind of wish I bought a buddy's mid '80s RM370.  Or, was it 380?  Some wierd displacment like that.  Looked like yours with twin shocks and drum brakes.


His was sitting in his garage for years.  Pristine condition.  Told another buddy about it and the bought/sold it for $700.  So that's cool, I'll get to see it and maybe ride it at some point.


First time I looked in this vintage thread area.

Saw this thread.

Now going to look if my 1991 KX250 has a thread about it....or., it not old enough to be in vintage thread?



   As far as I know Suzuki has never made a 380 dirt bike. The 370 was only made for two years 76 and 77. In 78 they switched to a 400cc . Your buddy's bike might be an early 400 ? This is my first "vintage" bike and I've had a lot of run rebuilding it. Not sure if your 91 kx250 qulifies as a vintage yet? I think most vintage race events have a cut off around the early to mid 80's.

Picture time






Great looking project,


Can't wait to see it finished.

Are you polishing the alu fork clamps?





Yeah I am polishing the fork clamps

Finally finished polishing the fork clamp



that thing brings back memories. keep up the good work and take lots of pics for us.


Finally found some space in the tiny garage for my bike . its not much space but it will work haha.


YouTube decided that my video was not worthy of their new setup and removed it. might have been a copyright issue ? Anyway heres the link to a new version .







cool little montage

looking forward to seeing the next one

perfect pace of each frame



Started stripping the old paint off the frame . I sprayed on a thin coat of flat black since thats what i had on hand. I will respray it with semi gloss black later.      

          Also found a message from a previous owner haha. Ran the serial number and it turns out I have the 716th Rm370 made. Doesnt really mean much in the way of value but its kinda cool.






Not much progress on the bike. Its been to cold to do much in the uninsulated garage. Frame is re painted and the bearings in the neck have been cleaned and repacked.


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Cool, makes me way jealous. I'm trying to find a 370.

Very cool project. I presume all loose balls on that. I put a 79 RM250/400 on my SP, and it was loose balls. I did loose balls on the top and went with the taper rollers on the bottom, as that's how the SP frame was set up. Loose balls might be fiddly, but they last forever if greased every 10 years or so. Out of two SP's and the RM, only one SP taper bearing was bad, all the balls and races were like new. And as a side benny, with the YZ125 gas tank, it's now a SPeRMYZ 125/250/400 :D


Is the 370 the same engine family as  the 400? Or the 250? or a one off? Too lazy to look up part numbers today. 370cc Zuks must have been short lived, because IIRC there was a 4t SP370 that was not around long in the US. I see one on-line once in a while in the UK.

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knudsen the 370 lower is identical to the '77 400 lower except for the stroke length. The barrels will even interchange without any issue. I think in 78 the 400 lower was changed around a little but still is very similar. I'm a little fuzzy on any other changes later on.  the Rm370 was only around for two years 76 and 77 in 78 the 400 was introduced.


yeah its all loose bearings in the neck and i lost two balls when i poped it apart.:uckily I had a couple spare balls in my spare parts can.

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