Boyesen supercooler beneficail?

i just read an topic on TT about the Boyesen supercooler kit. some claimed that the increased coolant flow would not allow the coolant to cool quicki enough so therefore would not be better then stock. some said that the increased flow obviously is beneficail. so what is your opionion and why? if i install one it will be on a 2013 kx450f that has no overheat issues thus far. i just thought it might be beneficail. thanks guys

I have one on my 2012 KX450F, and I've experienced a noticeable drop in more heat tinging when I turn the motor off after a long ride too.

I am not sure about the pump cover, but I do have my own theories as to why the KX's run hot. First, horsepower makes heat and the Kawi 450's are consistently in the hunt for most powerful 450. Second, If you look behind the radiators of the KX450's, Kawasaki stuffed a ton of things right behind the radiators where the hot air would normally try to exit. Anyone who has played around with cowled-in engines (aircraft, etc) will tell you that exit airflow for the heated air, whether from a radiator or an air cooled engine, is as or more important than inlet air. Further proof of the bottleneck is that the KX is the only bike I have had that has melted graphics in the same area. I ultimately had to add heat tape to the inside of the shrouds at the rear to keep graphics from turning to goo back there. All the cooling capacity/flow in the world does you no good if you can't get the hot air out after it crosses the radiators.


The caveat to this is that with the perimeter frame and central tank, there really isn't anywhere to move all that stuff out of the way.

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