WR450F 09 FMF header

Hello, just thought i'd throw this up for info for any WR450F 2009 owners. I recently serched the IN's and OUT's of this forum trying to confirm if a FMF POWER BOMB header would fit with my Drd slip on.




I replaced the original WR (smaller Dia) header, which used the step down bushing supplied with the muffer with the FMF header. Was a perfect fit. Now the bike is fractional QUIETER and SMOOTHER and a noticeable power gain through the whole range.


Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the info.  I purchased the FMF Powerbomb earlier this week for my 2011 WR, but just boxed it up and sent it back today because the larger diameter pipe wouldn't fit my stock silencer.  The tech at the shop assured me it would fit, and he was sure an adapter was included with the FMF pipe, but a quick call to FMF cleared up that question.


I think I'm going with a new Dr. D system, which will certainly cost a bit more, but I've heard nothing but positive reviews. The real problem is that I have to ride with a banged up header this weekend... or not ride at all.  I guess reduced power is better than no power at all!

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