Need help with My 1986 XL600R's Charging system

Just bought a 1986 XL600R. Has good compression but no spark. I figure the Stator is the first problem as it is reading only 180 ohms from the Black/red wire to the Green on the stator. I tried testing the other coils in the stator and got no reading from my Digital Ohm meter, the manual says I need to use a specific brand of meter to get the right readings. Is this for real? Thought resistance measurements were universal? I also tried to test the AC regulator and got no reading, is it bad or do I need a different Ohm meter? The regulator rectifier was the same story, which BTW had a burned connector on the white lead just looks like it got hot not burned though just the Clear plastic turned brown. The coil tested fine on one lead 4.10 Ohms but, tested the same on the other which should be much lower. Is it possible that I need to replace all of these components? Could the whole system have fried? And if so is my CDI still good? If anyone knows how to test these components with a regular digital meter please let me know how in detail. Any help is appreciated.

I live in terror of electrical problems. it's the closest thing to black magic on these things. i just bought a 92 that looked like a retarded chimp wired it.  the Dual Sport combo switch on the handlebar was broke so I had to replace it.  wiring that %@#$@#$ in took most of Sunday.  i hope you figure out what's wrong.  my guess is you don't need a specific brand to test resistance,  resistance,  it's just electrons.

An ohm meters an ohm don't need a special one. The AC reg and Reg/Rec have nothing to do with whether you will get spark..All they do is control the amount of voltage that runs the lights. The only wire you need connected from the Stator to produce spark is the Red/Black.,,No spark,,somethings wrong with either the Stator..the pulse genny..the ignition coil,,the killswitch,,the ignition key switch the wiring or the CDI..Bang the CDI a couple of time with the blunt end of a screwdriver..Retest for spark..None,,move on to something else either replacing it and/or checking all wiring connections associated with it as you go.,,Sounds like maybe the stators a dud..Get it rewound or replace it with another from some other XR/XL..Retest for spark.

Thank you for the posts, I ordered a replacement stator being that is the most common problem. My ignition coil tested good, the Ignition key had been removed and hotwired, the pulse generator tested a little low but I have been told that may happen with a cold engine and just a kick start. I also tapped on the CDI and finally got some readings on my OHm's meter, positive readouts that were in speck before it went to infinity. I plan to leave the CDI till last to swap out, I suspect it is not the problem. I will post again when I have the new parts and have confirmed the timing is correct as well as the valve clearances. Hopefully it will fire up, either way I will post. Thanks again

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