Knee/Shin Pain

Hey guys I just wanted to ask what your guys thoughts are as far as why I have knee or shin pain sometimes when I ride. I'm only 21 years old and I just started riding about 6 months ago. It usually happens when I'm going from sitting to standing and vice versa a lot. I'm not sure if it's because my riding position is bad or if I have knee/shin damage or something... I'm not sure but I just wanted to see what your guys thoughts were or if anyone else is experiencing this. Thanks!

I had this on my right knee the first ~4 weeks of riding after having recovered from a torn ACL... as I continued to ride more, and also did proper workout, it disappeared, but it never was really that bad either.

I would definately recommend proper workout (not only knees!) , you'll be able to ride safer, longer, have more fun and strong muscles and endurance also can prevent injuries like torn ACLs etc...

But at your point I would recommend contacting an expert to make sure that nothing is damaged prior to tough riding and workout.

Stretching before riding is important. It could be similar to shin splints.

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