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04 yz pipe does fit 06 wr

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on ebay I bought a 04 yz250f $39.99 pipe it bolted perfectly to my bike

it came without the clamp were the header joins the pipe and the gasket was in bad shape

I had to buy a new gasket and clamp( the clamp and gasket are different size than wr )

Darn thou no riding for me for four more weeks, eight weeks ago emergency hernia surgery

I rode it up and down the street, I will do one ride before I mess with jetting

I had drilled my wr pipe baffle and jetted the bike

I think I will have to go up one step on the main jet but I won't know until my first ride( Man am I jones'in to ride :crazy: )

the yz pipe is a lot lighter the wr pipe

one thing left to do and that is a spark arrester


while I had the header off the bike I noticed the weld in the header for the flange that fits in the head

it is a big weld bead so I ground down a lot of it

my thought is put a high flow pipe on the bike so I can't put a header on it that is restricted




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