Lower shock bearing loose in bore

My brother purchased a Pivot Works shock bearing rebuild kit for his bike. The upper bearing pressed in great. The lower bearing is loose enough in the bore that it does not require to be pressed in. A few very light taps with a socket and hammer is all the lower bearing needs to be installed. The bearing does not spin in the bore. Is using Loctite 609 sufficient enough in this situation?


Thanks for any help.

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Yes, it's for press/slip fits... should be adequate.

I'd use Locktite 620 Sleeve Retainer.

Thanks for the responses.


Is 620 not a little too strong for this application? I'd like to have peace of mind knowing the bearing can be removed again if it's ever needed. I wouldn't feel too great about having to heat the lower shock eye up hundreds and hundreds of degrees to melt a high strength retaining compound.

609 should be OK.  But 620 won't make it that hard to remove, either.  With any luck, it will act like a good solid press fit next time you change it.

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