Need opinion on 95 YZ125. The Guy wants $300 for it.

I just ran across a 95 YZ125 that the guy burnt the top end on and it needs to be sleeved or plated?? I am not sure if that is a plated cylinder or not??   So is the 95 Yz125 worth fixing up or should I keep looking for a 01 or newer?? The bike looks great from the pics he sent but I need to make the road trip and go see it in person. So what's available for aftermarket parts for the 95 Yz125??

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A YZ125 with a fried top end will cost around $325 to fix,  So... 300+325=$625 which is not a bad price.  But if you need a crank that is $300.  Still, you're under $1000 and at that point you will have a new bike so it's still not a bad deal.  But, what else is wrong?  Hubs, rims, tires?  You can easily find yourself $400+ in the hole there if you do your own work.  Clutches can set you back $300 easy.  Brakes run between 75 and $400 depending on how bad they are.  Suspension is another animal.  If you do your own work you may be out $200 in parts and oil to get everything squared away but to pay someone else may cost over $600.

Where in Michigan are you?


I figure in theprice of a topend in every used bike I buy.....yes $300 is good for a complete bike. I gave that for a  88 CR 250 yesterday. I got lucky and the jug was good so the $100 piston kit is all I was out to get it running. I figure in $200 for miscellaneous.....and then the cost of a set of tires.

 I like the looks of the 96-01 YZ bikes....The 93 to 95 are so-so looks but descent machines none the less.

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