2010 KTM XCW - 80 hours but only 150 miles?

Hey guys - looking at picking up a bike that someone posted on craigslist.  Everything looks great on the bike, but it seems really funny to me that it is listed with 80 hours and says it only has 150 miles.  Any ideas?  I can't think that this is normal.  Thoughts?  


Here is a youtube vid of the bike:




He shows some images of the odometer, but i'm not familiar enough with the KTM to know if what he put in his post was a typo of 150 miles.  Can anyone verify?



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more likely 1500... or he was reading the trip meter.  it's hard to tell what screen is what from his vid without being able to look at my bike to compare.

that's some reeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllyyyyy tight single track! :)


from the video, it looks to me like it has 1,361 miles on it (and 73.7 hours).


when i bought my xc-w (also a plated 450), it had around 2,000 miles and a little over 100 hours on it. so 1,361 miles/73-80 hours would be pretty much in line with that.


the bike in the video looks like a sweet bike!

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slow ass rider :)

I compared to my bike at lunch.  1361 miles and 73.7 hours.

thanks guys!  checked out the bike and you guys were correct.  ended up buying it!

nice. congrats. they're awesome bikes.

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