Clutch issue?

Rode my 09 YZ for the first time in months today. After unloading it from the truck, I rode it down the street and the clutch felt different. When letting it out, it disengaged late, almost when the lever was back in normal position.

I'm not sure if my bike has done this before. I'll try riding it again tomorrow, but is this clutch thing an issue? Or will a simple adjustment fix it.

Could it have something to do with the bike sitting in my garage for so long? (I did start it every 2 weeks) By the way Oil was changed 6 hours ago (ride time), and level is good, if that matters

When you are letting the clutch lever out, you are engaging the clutch. Disengaging is what happens when you pull the lever in.


Sometimes sitting for a long period in combination with certain other conditions in the clutch can compact the clutch linings.  If they harden a little, they loose some of their resilience.  With that, the clutch catches later and releases sooner in the travel of the lever.  A lot of the time, this condition will correct itself with use, but sometimes it's an indication that the linings were overheated.  As long as you have free play, and the clutch isn't excessively abrupt or grabby, you can run it without worry.

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