'13 TXC310R Stator Wire Oil Leak

I used RVT silicone to try to seal it up.  It didn't quite work so I put a little more on last night and I'm letting it cure.  If that doesn't work does anyone have any other ideas?  I have some gasket sealant in a tube.  I'm doing an AMA dual-sport ride on Sunday and gotta get this thing sealed.  Thanks!

dissasemble- pull cover, slide rubber grommet off clean with a good solvent (contact cleaner. acetone etc) use 3 Bond 1211 around the grommet lip and even on the engine case side. also put some 3 bond around the wires and use a finger to push it into the wires to seal. Reinstall cover and let it sit for @ 24 hours. Dont use too much, you dont want chunks of sealant in the engine. 

3 bond 1211      is the best RTV sealant I have ever come across ( Ive used many different types and brands). Both my 310s are weep free.

Excellent info Robertaccio if I end up with a TXC310 I'll follow your advice. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks!  I'll give it a try.

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