Led indicator flasher unit

I am currently getting my 2000 Wr 400 ready for roadworthy.

I have put LED indicators on. I went to my local yamaha dealer and bought a led flasher relay.

Problem is the standard 1 is for 3 wires & the 1 I was sold only has 2 wires.

Can any1 tell me how to wire the new flasher in plz.

The 2 pole flasher will work fine. I used one on my wr400.

Don't have it anymore do can't tell you exactly.

Just experiment. Not many combinations !

the 3 terminal    will work on a 2 wire by not using 1 connection

  but i don't see how a 2 terminal  will work on a 3 wire without flashing all the lights 

A three terminal one hooks up to ground, 12V positive and the turn signal switch.  I think the 2 wire one doesn't need to be grounded.

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here is how my xl is set up with a two  terminal   i can't find a good 3 terminal chart ? 



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