2004 CR250R Carb Rebuild Kit question

Hi,  I have a 2004 CR250R that has been leaking gas.    I have purchased a rebuild kit.  I suspect my problem is a fault Float valve not sealing properly.   My question is, in this rebuild kit is also a Valve Seat that the float goes in.   


I'm assuming I need to change the Valve Seat to match up with the new float valve?  Or can I just change the float valve?


If I do have to remove the Valve Seat, how do I do that?  Do I need a punch or will a screw driver pull that out.  Don't want to break anything.  The top of the Valve seat has a rubber gasket. 


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I had a similar issue on my 03 CR125. Basically, that o-ring on the valve seat is what seals the seat from leaks and then the float valve itself is what seals gas from coming into the bowl. Truthfully I don't know why they designed it this way, rather than having the seat within the casting of the carb, that way there would be less room for error. Anyways, simply remove the old valve seat by unscrewing the one screw next to it and it will simply come out. Then slide the new valve seat in, and put the screw back, then assemble as normally. Good luck

Yep just like you said. I'm glad it was just a screw holding it in. I replaced the seat with the new valve. Leak is gone and sealing properly. Thanks.

My 2004 Cr250 is doing the exact same thing. I went through the carb and set the float to spec measurements 7.5mm figuring that would fix it and nothing.... So i imagine i will need to tear it down and put in a new valve seat and valve float. Hoping that solves my issues. Thanks for the post 

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