2014 crf 450 cylinder head

The new 2014  450 head is an entirely new head intake and Exhaust  both smaller volume again the intake has finally adapted a short side radius similar to what I have been producing for years by welding heads the entire floor is a radius now .

Good news!

The 2014 works well up to ~6000rpm.

What do you think, it's easy to make a wider Powerband without a new Exhaust?

ron what's your thought on 14 versus 13 powerwise with porting better,same?

How about 09-12 vs. 14 ?

The 2009-20012 rhc ported head has produced up to 68 hp potred port volume is 137 cc  the 2013 head produced 62 hp in mx trim the head had a raised floor and a bit straiter roof leading into the bowl this was the best flowing head a the port volume ended up 142 cc  the 2014 head started with a overall smaller portraised floor lowered roof when I was done with the port I got the same flow as the 2009 -2012 head and port volume is 135 cc my experience is that this head will still produce hp into the mid 60s with the right components as used for flat track and would still produce a 62 hp + in mx form but the way the port is shaped and the reduced volume it will hit sooner and harder I believe Honda is giving the pro teams a casting that is better for sx as a starting point and can be ported to tuners specs with out getting to big  I now have 4 versions of cnc porting for the 450 Honda.

Ron - Thanks for your feedback.  Have heard & talked to a couple of engine tuners that say they can achieve good HP numbers out of the 09-12 cyl. heads.  If done right of course...

That's because they're selling 2009-2012 cylinder heads. :D

what year model crf450r is able to produce the most hp. i do not ride motorcross and mostly we do roll on drag racing, i like the 14 model bikes but dont know what they are able to produce as far as numbers

9 has a 50mm throttle body,I've never seen a drag class /or races for 450,sounds fun .Do you use a starting gate,is on dirt,how far? Might be the next big thing 100 yard $100 each ,beer etc.,no training just drop &go.

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no starting gate just a stake and a 2nd gear roll on we just estimate the distance i would guess about a 1/8 mile another place we run the race is a longer distance this is the long stick race, it is a lot of fun and we just do it for bragging rights. i have a 08 and i have done all i can to the bike bored carb,mrd exhaust,toyoko mods ign,hi compression piston,ported and polished and a 242/921 web cam. running a 14/48 set up. i also have the intlajet makes it easier to dial it in. i would love to have a 68hp fuel injected bike i am at a loss about which model can made to have the most hp i really like the fuel injected models

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