2002 xr100r excel wheel setup

Hello everyone!  I was curious if anyone here has ever laced up the stock xr100 hubs to a set of excel rims. Stock the sizes are 19" front and 16" rear. The spoke count for the stock setup is 36 front and back.  I can purchase a set of excel rims with the same amount of holes and the same exact rim size.  I know I will probably have to get custom spokes made but this shouldn't be an issue correct?  OEM xr100 wheels are garbage.  I had a xr100 when I was young and trashed the stock wheels.  I recently purchased a 2002 xr100r and making it a winter project.  These bikes are a BLAST on the trails.  It is going to be an adult oversized pitbike.  Not taking any shortcuts.  I want this little XR built to withstand aggressive riding.  Any help would be great!  Thanks guys.


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