YZ125 Woods Set Up for 5'2" Lady

Talked the lady into picking up a 2006 YZ 125 that was set up for a girl. She's a beginner rider, but has a XR200 to learn on, and is a pro downhill Mountain Biker so I think she'll learn fast.


Bike was set for a girl about 5'6" with the suspension lowered/resprung/valved professionally, the seat cut, a stealthy flywheel weight, skid plate a kickstand, bark busters and stock pipe.


I put a yamalink to get it even lower, and dropped the forks as much as possible. 

Planning on installing a rekluse EXP.


Still a bit too pipy though I am looking for suggestions on smoothing it out as much as possible. The brass is as follows a #40 pilot, stock needle clip 2nd from the top and the main says DEE on it? I'm thinking of throwing a #37 pilot in it as it seems a little boggy and retarding the timing if thats possible on these125's?


She's spooging like mad right now, wondering if what would be the best premix to use, as she is going to lug the crap out of it?


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