05 drz400s battery problems

So I bought a drz 400 a few months ago bike runs great until one day I desided to check my valves... Ever since then my bike was hard starting, thought maybe the battary was going bad so I took it to get checked and replaced if need to... Turns out it wasn't the right battary, so I buy a new one and this one seems fine for few weeks until today... Had a hard time turning over and now the battary is almost dead... Keep in mind it's 50 outside I don't have a battery tender on it either... I've owned street bikes for years and never needed to charge them even in the dead of winter they would fire right up

You will need to charge the battery and then test the charging circuit. Make sure the battery is getting 13.5 volts or better at the battery while the bike is running at 3 to 5 k rpm

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Why is it going dead already it's brand new

How do you know it is going dead, have you done any voltage testing?  Read FAQ on electrical testing.  The battery will slowly go dead if the charging circuit is not up to spec.  The battery size for a DRZ400 is marginal in size for the application.  It is possible with modification to fit a larger battery.

Free power mod?

+1 on the Ballistic , small and light , I am impressed with my 8 cell .

You cannot get an answer to your questions without doing some basic diagnostics.....and there is no shortage of help here when you do those basic tests and report the results or get some help with HOW they need to be done.


There may be nothing wrong with the battery, it could be something else and the fact that both batteries have had issues leads me to suspect that the problem may be elsewhere.

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