Electronic steering damper

Is there any kind of electronic steering stabilizer for dirt bikes or street bikes? It would be awesome to have a stabilizer that adjusts itself to your speed/riding conditions, on and off road. I would be surprised if none of the new super bikes have something like this, when they come with every kind of electronic rider aid I can dream of.

All of the new GSXRs come with electronically controlled dampers. I'm sure there are others.

hydraulic dampers can be a lot better than what's being offered to the consumer now

Why need electronic, the current mechanical style seems to work well. Some reasons you may never see it, it's expensive to develop, needs a good constant power source to work, and consumer demand is too low (esp for the high cost they would need to charge to make it worth it.). On a sport bike you can adjust the damper how you want it and there is no reason to change it for the most part. Maybe a little for different scenarios but the normal use is set and done. On dirt bikes, when would it be set to change? As you go faster? It may help, or it may hurt. It's hard to say. I just go back to why?

Electric might be used on production sportbike as a safety liability  measure? negating it's effect in parking lot and slow speed stuff.  The dampening is still likely hydraulic.   


Current devices for dirtbikes being sold still have some progress room IMO. 

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The hydraulic circuitry and valving in the Scotts unit is fairly "intelligent" for as simple as it is, what with a separate high speed circuit and all.


Electronic governance of the damper could potentially be enormously advantageous on a fast sport bike, but for dirt bikes, I think it would need  quite a while to develop into something that was so much better than the best hydraulic units that it would warrant the extra complexity and expense.

I'm with Motoace Why?... Your arms/brain are very good steering dampeners, to one up them would be quite a feat. I don't think the limit of off road speed is head shake, there are much bigger dangers, right?

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Heck, I believe the majority of superbikes come with electric dampers. They are speed dependant. This may

be be wrong, but I think they are mainly to reduce headshake when accelerating out of a turn.

Your arms/brain are very good steering dampeners, to one up them would be quite a feat.



You wouldn't think so if you rode a typical dirt bike in a sandy, rocky, high speed environment with a Scotts damper for a month, and then took it off and tried it again.

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