Looking for better chain lube

I have been using Motorex 622, and Bel Ray "white" chain lubes on my bikes for a while because that's just what I have, I dont really like either, the motorex flings off and attracts way too much dirt everywhere it touches. The bel ray stuff is sticky and is hard to get that white color off. I need regular chain lube that works, is clear and doesnt fling off. Recommendations?

I use Bell Ray. Just spray it on under the swing arm and behind the linkage if your bike has one. You're not supposed to spray the outside of the chain, only in the centre.

After you wash you bike spray your chain with De-watering fluid. I use Shell. Keeps your chain like new..

Use the extension straw. Put it on the chain, spin the wheel. Too easy, and no mess   :thumbsup: .

do you run sealed chains?


if so, the best lube there is is...




seriously, though, all the lube the chain will ever need is sealed inside it at the factory. there is no need to have lube between the rollers and the sprockets. all it does is attract dirt, turn into abrassive paste, and wear things faster.


(spray it with WD-40 after washing it to displace the water. no, it won't hurt the o-rings...probably good for them. but don't actually lube it. we ride in a lot of mud, unfortunately, and my chains last a long time despite that.)

My buddy has always used wd40 religiously.  I have always used Maxima Crystal Clear.  Neither of us have had chain issues.  We are both using standard mx chains, not o-ring. 

I like Tirox

Honda's chain lube is clean and works well.  PJ1 Blue Label is also good.

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I like Chain Wax, but would use anything to be honest.

You should check out Silkolene.

I just picked up some liquid wrench brand from wally world. Says o-ring safe on the back.

I just picked up some liquid wrench brand from wally world. Says o-ring safe on the back.

Many here, including me, use the Liquid Wrench lube.

I like Chain wax, But.....I use a non oring chain and pressure wash/ re-lube the chain after every ride. I cant stand all the other chain lubes out there, they attract dirt like crazy and fling off a glue like substance they gets all over everything. Plus all the "premium brand" chain lubes are hard as hell to clean off without brake cleaner.  

Many here, including me, use the Liquid Wrench lube.

+1 with Liquid Wrench. I heard about it here and would have never noticed it on the shelves before because the can looks just like the regular lube. Only $3.20

+4 Liquid Wrench chain lube.

+5 on Liquid Wrench. Can be had from Sprawl Mart on the cheap....maybe less than $4 a can.

WD-40 after every wash, good to go! I run a steel Regina chain, 30 hrs on current chain and sprockets with no mess to clean and virtually no wear,,,

I run o-ring chains and got converted to WD40.  I have two chains each with about 3000 miles on them and while worn a bit on the tops the link pivots still feel like new.  In light of the above, I may try the Liquid Wrench.

Maxima chain wax

50 yrs racing/riding experience, owned 60 bikes, old school way! wash bike remove chain, dump 2 qrts 40 wt motor oil in 5 gal bucket with lid, drop chain in let soak  a while submerged in oil,  hang vertical to let excess drip off, reseal bucket and store away. re-install chain . Chains last forever, and oil in bucket good for a year.

Yamaha makes a great off road chain lube. Get it at your dealer.

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