Buying a new helmet

In the market for a new helmet and I want something nice. I really need it to have a longer visor to block out the sun when going on those late afternoon desert rides, the One Ind. helmet I have with a short visor is a pain. Nothing over $600, I'm guessing the Shoei VFX-W is my best choice. Does the visor on this helmet really seem longer than most others? What other good choices are there?

Buy a Suomey, the lightness is incredible!

6D! Look them up!

Buy one as light as possible, airoh is good helmets..

I 2nd the Suomy. That or an Airoh

The Airoh Aviators come with a visor extender, which would help. They are pretty pricey, but I see has them on clearance for a price well within your budget.

Suomy is a terrific helmet at any price and is hundreds cheaper than other high end helmets out there.

i have worn nothing but Arai's for the last ten years, however this morning i just ordered a new Airoh Aviator. im hoping the weight savings and the larger opening for goggles will be a noticable improvement.

The Airoh looks nice. Any experience with the Shoei vfx-w? Is the visor as long as the Airoh aviator?

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