magura hydrulic clutch

have just purchased one of these for my 2014 crf450r,and was wondering if you can fill and bleed these the old fashioned way from the top as I don't have a sringe to do it as the manual says

From my experience I have always bleed mine same as I bleed brakes always seems to work

I went to the CVS Pharmacy and bought some mineral oil and a liquid dispensing syringe for 8 bucks. I put a 6" piece of 1/4" clear tubing on it and used the to draw the air out from the slave with the bleeder valve pointing upwards, all while filling the master with the mineral oil (which is says to use right on top of the master) I did this until I had completely flushed the system. I actually had more air in it then I expected

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So there was air in the system and it's new? Did you have a leak somewhere?

Yes don't buy the kit...I did and didn't use was worse than manually bleeding them.

thanks for the info guys. purchased a kit for my new 2014 crf450r yesterday when I bought the bike and was unsure if it had oil in it, but everything all ok  

love them hydro clutches , when will honda put them on stock ? 

Amen, best upgrade period.

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