Hi. I am new to the world of dirt bikes and need some help, I am currently riding a crf150f and it is way to slow. I cant even go riding with my friends. I am leaning towards a ktm 125 or 150 2 stroke or a 250 4 stroke don't care what make. i ride mostly on trails, dirt roads and sand pits i want to be able to keep up with my friend that have kx250f's. I am 14, 5'7'' and 160lbs. 

are you willing to spend 3k+ on a 150sx?

KDX 200

If you are buying a new bike, I would recommend either a 250F Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Honda upwards of 2011. I own a 2013 KTM 250 SXF and the lack of USABLE power (you have to ride it like a 2 stroke almost - to get any power, its a lot more effort and power builds slow) is noticeable when I compare it to my 2011 KX250F (which I still own and ride often). Suzuki or Honda also have very good motors and usable power.

I bought my son a 2013 kx250f... VERY FAST stock and it runs very very good..... always starts have done shims twice and I'm about to put a new chain on.... basically any of the newer 4 stoke MX bikes are plenty fast but you have to keep up on the maintenance.  The KX250f is pretty easy to do all the maintenance just make sure you get the service manual you can buy one on ebay for far less than retail.

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