2-Stroke Hone types?

Just picked up my first 2 stroke, and 2010 YZ144 and want to get all the proper tools to do motor maintenance.  I can't decide which hone is recommended for the 2 stroke cylinders.  The ball hone style to me seem's like it would be hitting the ports possibly damaging them.  Any recommendations?

its not abrasive enough to mess with the ports. Ball hones are better because they get the high AND low spots of the cylinder wall unlike the typical universal hone. the only thing that sucks about a ball hone is that they only accommodate cylinders within two millimeters of each other. if you have multiple bikes of different cc's they can get costly. Ive used the universal hones with success, but would prefer ball hones.    

Do not use a ball hone on a 2 stroke cylinder!!! You will cause damage. Use the long stone type. The long stone type will be stable and won't go inside of the ports. Ball hones should only be used on 4 strokes.

And the plating on these cylinders is fairly thin so don't expect to hone for too long. Just to get a small amount of cross hatch. I just use green scotch bright in between rebuilds.

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