1988 Cr 250 shock adjuster needed

I am needing to rebuild the shock on my CR. I found a few kits for the rebuild but I want to just replace what is needed. I know the bumper is deteriorating and the seal is leaking. Last is I need a adjuster knob. Anyone have one they are not using or know of anywhere I could get one.

Here is a picture of the knob I need. but mine is a 88 cr 250...the picture is a 125 shock...but the knob looks the same.


Come on guys give me some ideas...what could I make the knob from if I can not find one. 

Parts fiche says the dial is common on many XR 600 up to 2000.


I tore open the shock and I am needing a 36mm shim also. I may just jump on ebay and buy a comparable whole shock. This one needs seals and the shim ... the dial and the bumper is shot.....so maybe just upgrade this jewel.



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