97 rm127 clutch basket time

so i recently replaced my clutch and my clutch basket is on its way out ill get a bit more time on it but before i jump and buy a new one i wanted peoples options on them, the ones that i have found for the bike are Barnett, Hinson, wiseco, and moose all seem to be with in $20 of each other with barnett being the cheapest


what have other people used what do you recommenced are any better than the rest ?  

I've used Wiesco and Hinson without a problem, personally I'd go with the best deal that I could put together on one of those.  But really, any one of the billet baskets mentioned will be tougher than a stock basket, so you can't go wrong. 

I've always gone for Talon baskets - I tried a Hinson once & was unimpressed, the Talon ones seem to be made of something a couple of steps tougher than them.

Same material same teflon coating $129



looks good i hope they send internationally and there warranty continues to apply overseas its only the basket though   

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