Need help cr125

So I got my 03 cr 125 running today the float just needed adjusted and I put the air filter on and I road it up to my grandmals and then my bro took it the road and came and it was smoking like a freight train out the silencer and the header it already leaked out the header and it was running great before that And it was leaking really black oil out all parts of the exhaust don't know. And if u give it gas it will barely rev up.... I don't know what's wrong with it:huh:

da bro blowed  up.

What was the original reason for working on the carburetor?


Also, does the smoke have a sweet smell to it?  If it does, check and see if your coolant level has signifigantly dropped in the radiator.

The float needed adjusted because it was starving out and no the coolant was full but I calledy buddy that I bought the bike off of he said it was probably a head gasket I'm pretty sure it is.

Head gasket is certainly one of the possibilities.  If so, the engine is "drinking" engine coolant, and the level should eventually drop, and you may have combustion building excessive pressure in the cooling system.


And the coolant was mixing in with the crank case oil some how Cuz it was grey

And the coolant was mixing in with the crank case oil some how Cuz it was grey

grey crank case oil is normal, it's just clutch material in the oil. now milky foamy oil is bad, anyways, pull your pipe and post a picture of what the exhaust port looks like

I actually have the exact same bike.  I bought it new in 03, and have had the case apart several tiems over the years.  I'm going blank, but I think the water pump seal may be the problem.   


Maybe someone with better recall this late can chime in.


If not, I have the motor apart at work, and will look at the tranny and water pump seal(s) arrangement and repost.

you could be blowing out the spooge from the pipe and exhaust ports and bottom end of the cylinder from being jetted wrong. 


change the plug for starters.


change the tranny oil and run it.  monitor the level, cause you may have a bad right crank seal.   watch the water level also as suggested

This is the crank case oil its all metallic and we spilled a little anti in the oil and it mixed the same color

The pic didn't post

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