Orange Brigade,I need your help!

Hey guys,


My baby doesn't want to start....2011 450 sxf.....Never had a problem before firing up..choke,push button,away she goes......Same thing happened last weekend...had to roll start it...did a couple of motos then it didn't want to start again......just had new top end...can hold button and turns over for 20-30 seconds before she sounds like she's dying....yes I thought flat battery but usually starts no worries within 5 seconds as do all of them....soooo process of elimination:-

1.flat battery?...

2.Spark Plug?...

3.....Starter motor?


Again, roll started it and fired up.....did die out at an odd time,....reving it to warm up and shut off choke and died out shortly after.....last weekend roll started at track,moto'd,didnt stall..came back to truck,had a rest....didn't want to fire again.....did a good 20 minute moto before hand....?????


Was thinking spark which is weird in itself firstly im thinking starter :(.....whatever it is just wondering if anyone out there experienced it with their's?.......this is ktm number 13,majority of them have had buttons..never had a problem.


Just moved from San Diego,CA to Portland,OR......surely not elevation change/air issue?....naw,cant be...I rode it.....please help!! weekend is here and its time to bRaaaaap!!


Carb is clean, jets aren't plugged?


is that the original battery?

Yes, I'd look at valve clearance.  One thing I saw on my 08 was the cams losing phase with the cam gears.  If you have a lot of hours and your valve clearances are ok, it may be worth getting the tool, and resetting this.  At the 160 hr mark on my 08, I did the top end, ran it all season, tore it down and to my horror, saw "clean" marks in the valve reliefs on the exhaust side.  I quickly reset this and things were good again.

Pilot jet or valves are getting tight would be my guess.

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