Is it common for KX250 to drip a couple drops of ATF after every ride?

Out of the vent tube under the bike.  Just one or two drops.

I always have it filled to the middle of the window or so.



Try measuring out your oil upon next refill. I've seen mine leak if bike tips over for a good while so yours may be too full. 

Yes this happens in my bike too. I consider it normal as I've put hundreds of hours with no related issues

None of Mine leak .could Have been over filled . I run the belray 75 or 80w for my 02 kx 800cc works for me.

Probably from all that insane inverted air you insist on doing every time you think a girl is watching. You might try a longer vent tube routed up under the seat and back down.

Mine don't leak unless tipped over .

Mine don't leak unless tipped over .

Ya, me too. 

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