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Timing help!

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I got ahead of myself and didn't pay attention as to how the gears went together when I pulled gears off of right crankshaft bolt. I pulled these to replace seal because of oil leak. Am I correct that the 3 holes should line up as in this picture? I'm pretty sure the 2 gears on the crankshaft will only go on 1 way but still looking for confirmation.


Also does anyone know what the torque is for the right crankcase bolt and balancer castle nut?


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I think I found my own answer.


I have yet to pull the balancer shaft off as I didn't realize I need a special tool

I just use a long screw driver like a chisel and hammer to loosen the bolt and get it back tight. A lot of guys will talk shi about this not torquing it back to specs. I've never had any problems with not torquing THIS bolt in the past. With that being said if your still wanting to torque it you can grind a socket about the same diameter pretty easy that'll work fine. I know you've prob heard this a thousand times but a manual is the best investment you can make on one of these bike. 48 bucks on eBay. It does say to grease the inner part of the new seal and shaft upon reassembly. Goodluck Edited by Diggla117

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