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Amr racing graphics

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So get this, i ordered a graphics set for my bike from these guys. I ask for a custom color and number plate. They gave me the color i wanted but forgot the number plate. So i asked my contact there to make me the number plate and they did but instead of them lookin up my file and color they made it out of the generic colors. Partly my fault on the color but still...

Now i am lookin for another desert scheme graphic and they replied with this

Hello Manaf,

I reviewed your account and I apologize but I will not be able to complete this order.

Due to the experiences of our last order, we wish you the best but choose to not do business.

Hmmm, they dont want to work, they dont want to offer personalized sticker kits. Oddly enough i really dont care for their business ethics. They will not be finding any referrals from me when ppl ask about the kits i already own.

Its a shame

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