95 kx 250

Just have a few questions.

So I have a few95 250 and it seems have a knock / ping noise. I know jetting is wrong do to pipe wrapped around frame. Planning to get new one soon. Does't fowl plugs tho just want to know if it will hurt the motor any. I'm on a tight budget.

Also what is the best way to lower it with out limiting travel. I'm only 5'5 and 140 with full gear.

I do plan on getting a 9 oz flywheel weight and 18 in rear wheel. My hoop has a crack. Any help is appreciated

For the noise, whats the history of the engine?

Theres only one cheap way to lower the bike without getting into the suspension, and thats shaving the seat. Rough it out with a serrated knife then blend it with one of those pneumatic grinders and a rough pad.

You can also lower the subframe height by cutting the upright struts...but you will need access to a welder to reattach...I did this on 2001 Cr 125 for my daughter. I was able to lower the seat afew inches pretty easily. 

Not sure of the history. Guy I got it from used it as a hill climber. So might need lower end work had top apart last summer andblooked almost like new only rode 5 or 6 times since then

How much will cutting sub frame screw with seat and fender alignment. Have access to plenty of tools.

The problem with altering the subframe is you are introducing your fender into your rear wheel travel. They touch as is. Case a jump and see the black marks underneath.

If you can work on your suspension, I can make limiters with some measurements.

I'm probably just gonna shave the seat and try to set the sag right. Might be good enough for now. On a tight budgetand really need a pipe.

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