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Carb rebuild question

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I posted this on the Honda 2 stroke forum...... Nothing.......I know somebody on this forum will know.

Hi, I have a 2004 CR250R that has been leaking gas. I have purchased a rebuild kit. I suspect my problem is a fault Float valve not sealing properly. My question is, in this rebuild kit is also a Valve Seat that the float goes in.

I'm assuming I need to change the Valve Seat to match up with the new float valve? Or can I just change the float valve?

If I do have to remove the Valve Seat, how do I do that? Do I need a punch or will a screw driver pull that out. Don't want to break anything. The top of the Valve seat has a rubber gasket.

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The seat only needs changing if:


The seat has a 'pit' or 'pitting' on it, or a crack.

The seat seal has rotted, and no longer seals.

if you are not sure:

Turn the carb upside down, fill it with gas up to the edge of the seat: if gas seeps by the sides/under  the seat, the seat seal is shot.

Now do the same thing (if the seal is ok) with the needle inserted into the seat, and put gas above the seat, and press lightly on the spring pin, and see if gas leaks by the seat surface.

This way you will know what  to replace. Always replace the needle.


You remove the seat using a mini-slide hammer. DO NOT pry it out.

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