The worst mistake in rebuilding bike

What's the stupidest mistake you've ever made

Personally I dropped a cir clip to bottom but got luck and fished it out with a magnet through oil bung lol

Finishing up putting back together a friends kdx and forgetting to put the reed assembly back in then going ahead and fight with it to get it started and once fired up looking over to see the reeds sitting on the bench... Bike ran like crap

When I was 15, my mate brought around his CR80RD for me to fit piston and rings. The piston fitted on, but the rings were too wide for the grooves. We were eager to get it going, so I ground them down with the bench grinder and bashed them into the grooves. Then bashed the cylinder onto the piston, only to find I'd forgotten the base gasket. I cut the base gasket and gooed it on. Needless to say it didn't run. The next year I got a mechanics apprenticeship and realised what a butcher I'd been!

In an attempt to be clean I use a lot of new paper towels and stuff them in the carb, intake boot/port, and exhaust port.... Well when you don't remove those they blow motors up quickly haha. I accidentally left one in on of my kx85 motors and it sucked it in. I was 13 and now I triple check and take inventory like a doctor :)

I own a shop now but when I was 15 I was rebuilding my yz250. It needed a full rebuild and I've done them several times before. I had the old circlips on the bench and also the new ones.. I tired putting then on and I grabbed an old one and dropped it into the bottom end.. I left it sit for like a day then went back out, forgot about it and put the new circlips on and ran the bike for like 3. Minutes before it locked up and ruined the cylinder.

Long, long time ago, I was racing three wheelers (see, I told you it was a long time ago!), and I installed a 175 big bore kit on my 125. In the process of mounting up the 4 bolt reed cage, I stripped two opposing bolts. So what I figured, it's still got two! Permatexed the rest, and fired it up.


When I took it on it's maiden voyage, the beast ran great up to about 3/4 throttle. Beyond that, it was like a turbo kicked in!!! It would just a SCREAM!!!! I was a snot nosed teenager at the time, so I loved it!!!


For all of about an hour that it ran!!!!

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