Just fitted one recently , having not much movement in my ankle , Shoot .. This braking system is awesome .

Easy to install , the kit supplied is by Rekluse , back bleeding the system after installation pushes ALL the air out , :thumbsup:

Braking power is acceptable considering I just use one finger .

Worth the $

I've been running the LH rear brake for over a year now and I never want to ride without one.  I started out as a non-believer but now I can't seem to convince others how useful these things are.  Once you get used to it, you find that your hand does a better job at braking than your foot.  The only time I use my foot lever now is when I'm in a panic stop.


It's not something that you can try out on a buddies bike for a half hour to see if you'll like it.  It took me a few months to really get the hang of them.  My riding buddies that use them have all improved their average speed and ride smoother.  They are also the perfect complement to a trials tire.

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