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-99 TE610 went out with a bang, leaving me a possible winter project :)

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I just got the bike last weekend, and yesterday was my first "real" ride other than cruising the neighborhood.

It was a blast, the bike had massive amounts of power, I can't remember the last time I had that much fun with a bike :)


But as I was riding home, it made a slight clunk in a corner, followed by a very short misfire, like a heart missing a beat and then continuing as if nothing was wrong.

Four minutes later, it made another sound, this time a not so slight bang (which probably woke up the kids and the elderly around the county), and the engine died.

As I came to a stop I concluded that there was a massive loss of compression, and I crossed my fingers that the plug had been shot out or that the head gasket was blown...


I arranged to bring the bike home, but couldn't get around to messing too much with it yesterday.

The plug was ok, though, and I guess the head gasket is fine as well..

I removed the rear valve cover and checked if there was any movement as I turned the engine. Nothing. So I hit a bottle of wine and went to bed :)


Does anyone know if the engine from a 2001 TE610E will fit my bike, as there is one for sale nearby?

Mine is kicker only, left side, no battery or magic button to fire it up.


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Drained the oil, but haven't gotten around to removing the top engine cover and the side covers...

Not even sure I want to anymore  :D




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The cam chain must have had enough slack to climb the gear and snap... :)





Broken chain, gear, water tunnel...

Haven taken the top off yet, but it looks ok from above :)



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