Lapping new valves into used head

I have a Rmz 250 2003 and the intake valves where completely worn out so I bought all new valves. I was wondering if it would be ok to lap the new valves in assuming the seats are not to bad?

Are the valves steel? Have you lapped before?. If theyre stock dont lap. The stock Ti valves have a coating. Its best to get them both cut to match. A 3 angle job. But if youinsist, and theyre steel and your seats are use a finer grit and go in half turn increments (180°) wipe it down, assemble springs and test for leaks. Little by little until it doesnt leak. Use a rubber hose, hose clamp and your hand and make sharpie marks for the turns. Good luck!

Don't lap. If seats are beat get recut. You can install valves and pour gas on top of head. If it leaks pas valves they need to he cut to match valves

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