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Help needed!

I recently broke my split link on my wr 250 My sprocket states it's a 520 so I assumed that the chain on there is the right one. I ordered a 520 split link but when In place, the prongs go far enough through the chain to put the cover on but the little clip thing won't go on. So do I need a 525 or 530? Is the number the thickness of chain?



The number 520 is the pitch of the chain, ie distance between the links, I have found thar diferent manufacturers have slighrly different widths depending on wether it is , oring , xing etc, the widest I have found is DID link, but you might be able to read the brand of your chain and get the right one l

The master link should be of the same manufacture and model of chain. 520 the 5 in 520 means that there is 5-1/8" in a link the 20 indicates the width. No you do not need a 530 master link that would be way to wide. I believe the Wr comes with a o ring chain which is wider than a non O ring chain. As I said before you must use a particular master link for your particular chain.

+1,   m link has to match chain make and model.   If it does, are you getting the orings compressed? 


Rant, be nice if chains were standardized, hard to patch stuff up in the middle of nowhere when all the riders carry different stuff.  I packed a whole new cheap $29 chain on a recent adv ride just cuz this problem bit us the previous year.   Of course muphys law,   didn't need it....

Is this your first time changing? If so, and you bought a o ring link it isn't short. You have to compress the o rings to put the retainer clip on. The point of the O rings is to close the gap and keep dirt out. I have found a c clamp helps. It's very tricky but achievable.

+1,    the press on side plates have mostly eliminated m link failure of the past.years when they were easy to put on.

the easiest way to install the Oring w/o needing a c-clamp or special tooling is take 2 hex head nuts that the i.d. of the nut is slightly larger than the OD of the pin of the chain link. Put the nuts over the chain side plate holes and squeeze with a pair of pliers. The pin will slide through the plate AND the nut acting like a hand held press. You'll need to "walk it on" meaning go back and forth between the 2 nuts but it'll go on easily and usually will stay in place long enough to install the clip.


don't you risk over seating the plate and smashing the o-x ring?


OP Nick  on  My DID 520 x ring with the clip stlye master link I still needed to use a chain press to seat the plate enough to get the clip on


but as mentioned u need to have the same brand Master as the chain but this post was 4 days old  so I bet you got er done by now ?

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Most have a shoulder on the pin so you can't over press the plate.  FWIW I have gone to rivet on m links in the last years. and never sweat the clip.

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