xr 400 which way round do the rear wheal spacers go!

Just changed the tyres on the bike whent to refit the back and droped the sindel. Basicaly what spacer goes where on the rear wheal? Larger but shorter on on the sprocket, smaller but loger one on the disk brake side?. The manual has this the other way round and to confuse me more the last owner had the spinde with the nut on the sproket side which I am told is wrong. Please can some enlighten me!!!

Just had a look at my bike and the longer one is on the sprocket side.

Thanks guys for getting back to me, For something so simple it really is getting confusing. I found someone on Ebay selling the complete back spindle, so asked him which order the spacers went, he checked his own XR 400 and reckoned the Short large spacer went on the sprocket side and not the brake, he was actually checking the bike while I was on the phone. My bike is 2003  and I think the manual refers to older 250's with hub not rear dick brakes. It would be good if some on can give a definitive answer. Checking is very easy as one spacer is much wider (but shorter than the other). I am pretty sure that my bike was set up buy the previous owner with the larger shorter spacer on the sprocket side. The thing is if you put them on the wrong way the wheel still turns but is putting more strain on the disk brake. So come on guys let's do quick survey on our bikes and find out once and for all!!!!!

Long = Sprocket

Short= Brake disc

Edited by superblackbird

Thanks superblackbird that is the conclusion I have come to. My bike was set up wrongly by the previous owner, everything was the wrong way round, and he owned a motorbike shop!!!!

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