Open from 9am to 1pm. I am planning on being there about 10:30. Anyone else?

G-Man, Armoubl, Dave S, Maico, BikeDestroyer, or any other AZ TTer's?

I'll be there, #5x in a pewter S-10 ZR2.

I won't be there Monday, thanks for the invite. Speedworld is now open every day through, I think, January 6.

I have to work until 1pm on monday. I plan on going out there either the 29 or 30 though.

I won't be there!

Went on my first trailride today (Sun). Rode a buddys 2 smoke, stalled it on a steep hill, fell about 30 feet down the hill and tweaked my elbow.

When I tried to pick the bike up my elbow made some strange popping/cracking noises and I had no strength in it. Hope it's just a sprain 'cuz I can't lift anything with it tonite. Took a couple Percosets and going to bed.

Thanks for the help today BlkeDestroyer!

Take care of that elbow F, hope it's just a sprain too...

How is the elbow doing F?

Thanks Paul, the elbow isn't as bad as I thought but it still hurts to try and lift anything or flex the muscles. I'm gonna give it another week or two. I was hoping to race the WORC's event at Speedworld but I think I'll postpone my return until the 4 stroke nats race in Feb.

How is your wrist, you're probably suffering through PT now. Tough it out cuz it works.

Maybe I'll see you at the year end dinner?


Not to worry your elbow will be ready for the WORCS race because it has been postponed until Feb. 16 & 17. Missed you out on the trails this weekend.

That's good, now I can race both!!

Do they run a team race at WORCS?

From the entry form that I have they have cut the team race out of the program, which I think really sucks.

Glad to here the elbow isn't too bad F. Lot's of PT on the wrist along with 3 dynamic splints for at least 2 more months. We'll be at the AZOT awards dinner Saturday, see you there...

[ January 02, 2002: Message edited by: RacerX ]

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