Faster means what ?

So, I love my suspension and it has taken me a while to dial it in, But now I am faster.....what implications does this have on my suspension. I have always put a lot of emphasis on my suspension and trusted it more than I trust myself, especially as a 40+ MX rider. I swear it has saved my life. Do I have to go through another period of instability and trial and error. It affects my confidence. What do you think ?

If you love your suspension then why fool w/ it?  If it needs something then back to tuning again.

Generally quicker riders will prefer a firmer setup. That can be achieved with springs, valving, or a combination of both. If you've put in the time setting your bike up well and you just find it diving/bottoming/wallowing a bit, it might just be a few clicks in on the comp adjusters..

Thumper35, What intrigues me about your post is that you know you are getting faster, you want to trust your suspension, but you don't seem to know how to evaluate what your suspension is doing. Sorry if I'm missing reading you, but if I'm right, then that's your next step - make simple external adjustments then carefully assess the impact of those changes. This will only be an instability period if you are not able to feel what the bike is doing right or wrong.


First thing to try is going in on the comp clickers, both ends, and out of the rebound clickers, mainly fork reb.  Try fine tune it. Can make a huge difference. You might also want to try moving the forks down a few mm in the triple clamps and/or increasing the fork spring preload, to give you more straight line stability and to also help you plant your front tire firmly into fast corner ruts.   If those things don't do enough for you then you might need to firm up your springs, and also get the damping shims beefed up, just a little.


In any case, it's pretty easy to transform your bike into something very trusty at higher speeds, or a complete nightmare. ;) LOL.

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