How lucky am I

Took my 06 wr450 through some deep water the other day an it got a big gut full of water an would not start I tried for hours so cleaned carby still wouldn't fire ,, thought about it an thought well ill check the valves ,turned out when it got a big mouth full of water it somehow made the intake cam slip 5 teeth,I though oh no this is going to cost me ,pulled the tensioner out an set the the timing back up perfectly put it back together an bam first kick started an ran beautifully , I thought wow how lucky was that I didn't wreck something , just thought I'd share that

Yea Lucky!  Last time I slipped teeth I crashed the valves.

Sucking in water sucks. Be happy you didn't need new everything haha

You were very lucky.





It was cheaper to buy a completely different motor . 

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Dang .. That's Nasty

Fortunate yes, even odder still.  I know you can't compress liquid, so when the motor took a drink it stopped the piston dead in its tracks.  But that would have no effect on the valves or cam.  Even with the piston stopping instantly, there's not enough rotating camshaft enertia to force a slip on the teeth.  Unless the chain is really loose and the tensioner is at wits end.  But you would think if that's the case, you would have failure just reving/running the engine.


I'm playing this in my mind, and can't get a visual failure.   


But I'm glad it's ok.  Nothing like a bent rod or crank from a liquid lock. 

It had new timing chain an tensioner an bottom end bearings an piston an rings an head rebuilt 4 weeks before this happined

My thought was the piston still moved under pressure but valves could open open an caused it to slip that way I don't no just seemed to happin right as I was half way through a huge river crossing an it sucked in water

 Usually the results of an engine taking a drink is a bent rod.


But I did have a vehicle misfire once during starting, and when it did, the crank rotation reversed instantly, and the chain slipped.  Now you would think with your chain and tensioner being fresh, it wouldn't jump under any condition.  But, just when I think I've ran across every possible scenario of an engine failure.......something different comes along.


Just wondering, is your tensioner a rachet style, in that once it comes out to a postion it stays and can't be compressd back in.  Or is it just spring loaded, and can be push freely in and it poops back out?

It's just the standard type of tensioner not an adjustable one or anything like that.

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