07 crf 250r who needs parts?

Who needs any parts motor is blown everything else is good.will charge shipping.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382796785.389719.jpg

How much for both rims with spokes and everything?

And the sub frame that attaches to the frame?

I could go $400

IMG_5088.jpgforks $200, seat $40, plastic set $90, front and back wheels w/ sproket and tires $350, swingarm $100 rear shock $70, dual exhaust $100 fork tree $40, front brake assembly $40, carb $150, radiators $50, gas tank $70, camshaft $100, stator cover $50, clutch cover $30, frame $200, subframe $70, kickstart lever $45, shift lever $15, new clutch lever with hot start and perch $30, New brake lever w/ perch master cylinder and caliper $120, and any parts for engine let me know cause i will have to see if they are ok because the motor locked up and broke the cases so alot of stuff is messed up inside.


Where are you, and how much for the seat, clutch with perch, brake with perch, bars, chain and sprokets shipped to concord ca?

The chain was rusted so bad from where it sat so long but one second I'll give you a price

Seat has small tear in it I repaired but you can still see where it is. I haven't looked at it but can I take that hose off the brake perch or do you want the whole brake assembly

Caliper and all

Don't worry about the chain. Whole brake assembly. What about the clutch

I'd go to 120$ for shipping and everything cause I'm in West Virginia

Do you want the caliper too

160$ with everything if you want the brakes from the perch to the caliper

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