whats yalls opinions on best 250 2-stroke

ive owned a 02 yz 125 and loved it then moved to a 07 crf250r and have had nothing but problems so once i part this one out i will be buying a new 250 2-stroke so what would yall reccomend. ive always wanted a rm so the way i look at it its between yamaha and suzuki.


Both bikes are good , it comes down to the best deal

yz250 !

I have a 98 YZ250 and 01 RM250. Depending on what you are going to ride I would go for the YZ for a more broad power range and smooth pull. The RM is a light switch to some degree and pulls hard. Of course mine aren't new but you can get the idea. I would say my RM would be awesome for track and my YZ is perfect for the trails. I ride 100% trails (as of now) and prefer the YZ because of the smooth power. YZs are more popular resulting in more available parts. Not saying to get a YZ based off of this but look in your area for the cleanest, cheapest, newest of either brand.

Yeah and I got a Yamaha honda shop 3 minutes from my house so I'll probably go with yz and my other one was very reliable even though it was a 125

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