2002 Xr200 headlight

Somewhere i heard that the headlight from one of honda's other bikes works with this model. I can't remember which though. It was either one of the xr250s or an 80s xr200??? IS this true or did I just think I saw it somewhere? What would be the cheapest way to put a headlight on? I just trail ride so i don't need a tail light.  I know this topic have been asked so many times but i can't find what I saw about the other Honda light on the xr200

I just used a cheap little aftermarket aux driving light made for cars... (55 watt halogen bulb) and a voltage regulator from a '94 polaris 440 indy trail.


Here's my thread with some helpful info that others gave me.

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did you mount it to the handlebars, or the fork top (Bridge)

and how much did the light cost? How does it perform vs. say the stock lighting of other motorcycles?

I mounted the light to the fork top using one of the bolts to clamp the fork.

I actually mounted 2 lights, one on each fork, but the two 55 watt lights are too much so I had to unplug one.

It just makes for a spare if the one gives up the ghost while out on the trail.

I cut out 2 holes in the number plate for the lights to go through and mounted an on/off switch on the back of the number plate.

The set was $20 for the 2 lights, wiring and the switch.

The one light does a good job of lighting up the trail by itself.

It's pretty hard to tell from a video but it lets my son clip along pretty good in the pitch black.


The lights are something like these.


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