85 uamaha xt350 speedo and tach needles stuck

I have an 85 yamaha xt350 and i'm having issues with the speedo and tachometer. The speedometer needle seems to get stuck when I ride the bike. The odometer and tripometer work fine but the needle seems like there is something preventing it from moving freely. The tachometer does the same thing. It works but it is like something is preventing it from moving freely as well. When i rev the bike, it takes the needle awhile to read the correct rpm. When i let off the throttle from high rpm, it takes several seconds for the needle to drop back to idle.  Is there a way i can take them apart and possibly lubricate the needles? They are in good shape and are expensive to replace so i want to do anything possible to fix them.

I have not taken apart a speedo or tach off an xt350,but the ones off other models I have taken apart were basically rotating magnets inside concentric circles.Not really too complicated when you get inside.

If you instruments are not damaged externally it would be a good idea to find a damaged one at a junk yard to take apart to see how yours is made...as it is likely you can damage them trying to take them apart.

When you see how they are put together it will be easier to do.

You will probably find that there is corrosion on the rotating parts or the fine springs are rusted..since no damage is external

finding away to disassemble them and reassemble them and then seal the unit will be the difficult task.

As there are no parts available for these units you may need a find a used set for parts anyway.

Good luck

Check the length of the square drive ends of the cables.  Sometimes aftermarket cables have a square drive length that is too long and they bind the mechanism when the collar is tightened.  Trim with a dremel.


The cable ends should never be greased....if grease migrates into the magnet shell it will bind the mechanism.



I would bet this bike sat, unused for a while. Every cable is dry, corroded, in need of lube. The whole speedo/odometer needs cleaning as well.

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