400ex slipon work for z400?

I have an 04 z400 and came across a big gun es slipon exhaust for a 04 400ex will it fit on my z?

Try it, I highly doubt it will bolt up but if you got a few power tools and some imagination you can make it work I'm sure.. But are the diameters the same? will it be too big for the header to worse too small

I bet you'll only be able to mount it to the rear mount. If there is one by your foot pegs that prob won't line up. You can just make a ring that holds the ex and bolts to the mount. Like trinity uses. Or drill out the can and bolt a mount to it but the way trinity does it would be easier to adapt. Bet you can find a super cheap z slip on though..

I ended up havin to cut mine down a little to get the exhaust out the back where I wanted it to come out the back and the pipe on the muffler was about the same size so few modifications and it fit then traded for a banshee a week later haha

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