Is a 2012 YZF 250 for 5,100 a good deal?

I was originally looking at a 14 KXF 250 but went into the shop and have been talked into this bike for the price it's a new 12YZF 250 for 5,100 and after dock fee's/ taxes its 5,700 OTD how reliable is this year/model in comparison to others and could I get this for a better price? Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

I paid 5300 OTD for my '13 YZ 250f. Love it so far. Said to be the most reliable 250f out there. Definetly a good deal. I'd try and get it a little cheaper.

That sounds like you stole it, how did you manage that?

That sounds like you stole it, how did you manage that?

With the new completely revamped model coming out, dealers are doing anything they can to unload the old models

little overpriced if you ask me,  you can get a 2011 yz450f  for 4000 - 4500 all day long. So i'd probably try to look at a 1 year newer 250f for around 4300 - 4700.       

My local Yamaha shop had a 2011 Yz450f all stock, with around 25 hours on it for 4100 i had my eye on before, came back 2 days later with the cash and it was gone.  Damn :/


They also had several 2010 - 2011 250f's for 3300 - 4100.

Overpriced 5100 otd would be a deal. Check heinens yamaha they have them for 4700 plus 150 doc fee and then about 300 shipped to nearest freight terminal. I bought two bikes from them im in pa never any issues,

That sounds like you stole it, how did you manage that?

Wheeled it right off the showroom. They also gave me 1800 trade in for my 06 YZ 125.

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